The objective of the SaveOurLovedOnes ™ device is to prevent the deaths of people or pets, but it has a central focus on ending mortality rates of children inadvertently left in cars where temperatures can soar. This new technology is available right now and can be installed in any vehicle, new or old.

SaveOurLovedOnes ™, is designed with state-of-the art sensor technology. It eliminates the need for pressure or weight sensors, which variously failed to gain widespread attention by the automotive industry. SaveOurLovedOnes will detect the presence of life within seconds of a driver leaving the vehicle through respiratory activity – by simple breathing. Once a child’s breathing is detected in a certain time frame, a loud alarm and visual strobe light are set off in unison, both in an ‘S.O.S.’ cadence.

SaveOurLovedOnes ™ is owned by ANCER LLC and is a collaborative creation with CMS WorldGroup European, and its U.S. engineers, who have diligently designed, engineered, developed and tested SaveOurLovedOnes’s capabilities.

We encourage you to contact us and familiarize yourself with the SaveOurLovedOnes ™ device. Educate yourself on how it works and refer your friends to us. SaveOurLovedOnes ™  is a life-saving device with a humanitarian ethos and mission. Finally, the more state and federal lawmakers know about this technology, the better, so please write or call your elected officials at the local, state and federal levels, to tell them about us. We look forward to hearing from you.