Carol Staninger, Creator and Inventor, CEO ANCER, LLC

Carol Staninger lives in Winter Haven, Florida. She was born in Rochester, N.Y. and moved to Florida in 1946 when her parents relocated, where she was educated through college. Carol raised two children while also holding down a full-time career at Winter Haven Hospital, her employer of 42 years — finishing up as the secretary to the medical facility’s chief pathologist.

It was during her career that she used early computer technology as a part of her job, utilizing everything from the old Wang computers to the more modern devices produced today. Her ingenuity was utilized early on when in the 1980s she came up with an idea for a universal data base to make it easier for Winter Haven Hospital employees to access patient records.

During a period in her career Carol also served as president of the Florida Division of Professional Secretaries Association, now known as the International Association of Administrative Professionals. Leadership and innovation are not new to her. She came up with the idea for SaveOurLovedOnes after seeing too many news reports of children succumbing to hyperthermia while trapped in locked, hot cars in Florida, which ranks second in the nation for such tragedies.

Additional Team Members

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